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Terms & Conditions

   WMShop is operated by the company WM OCEAN, s.r.o. that is registered in the Register of Companies at the regional court in Prague, Section C, Reg.No. 110951, the VAT No. CZ27425436.

1. General

These Terms & Conditions specify WMShop orders, payment, delivery conditions and returns policy.

2. Definitions

„The Seller“ means the company WM OCEAN, s.r.o.

„The Buyer“ means any individual, company or firm that places an order at WMShop.

"The Goods" means the articles or things or services or any part of them to be provided by the Seller in accordance with the Seller's standard conditions of sale.

3. Governing Law

These conditions and the contract or order between the Seller and the Buyer shall be governed by and be construed in accordance with the laws of the Czech Republic.

4. Order

The Buyer can select any product or service offered by WMShop.

Any placed order is obligatory and can be only canceled with an agreement with the Buyer.

All prices quoted are in Euro (EUR), Czech Krona (CZK) or US Dollars (USD) as stated and without VAT and with VAT (21%) unless specifically stated.

All prices exclude postage, packing charges, taxes and custom if applicable.

The order process is automated.

The Buyer will confirm a dispatch (costs and time) within 3 working days upon a receipt of the order.

5. Carriage and Delivery

The goods is typically sent by a courier and the charges depend on the weight or the volume weight of the order and the destination.

Note: road transport costs is calculated automatically for destinations on European meinland only. (not for islands and other specific destinations)

If special delivery arrangements are requested (e.g. express next business day) these may incur an additional charge based upon the cost of the shipment plus a handling fee.

The Buyer is obliged to do check out every package at a delivery by the selected forwarder and immediately claims any visible damage to the forwarder.

The complaint must be reported to the Seller too.

The Buyer  is obliged to provide requested information, especially documents, pictures by the Seller to finalize the complaint.

6. Import Duty

If you order Products from The Buyer for delivery to the EU, we are located in the Czech Republic, we charge VAT for our products at the VAT rates applicable in the CZ. If you are an EU based business outside the CZ and wish to purchase excluding VAT we will need a valid VAT number to be supplied prior to purchase.


7. Payment conditions

The Buyer selects payment method during the ordering process.

The Seller has rights to change the payment method based on the Buyer’s credit evaluation.

8. Warranty

The warranty period is 12 or 24 months from the date of invoice.

The warranty period 24 months is limited to the Individual (The goods is used for non-commercial purpose).

The Seller undertakes to replace or repair free of charge any components supplied against the Buyer's order which in the opinion of the Seller became defective due to faulty material or bad workmanship within the warranty period.

The Seller's warranty does not apply to the remedying of defects caused by ordinary wear and tear, accidents, misuse or neglect, adjustments or modifications by the Buyer.

Nor does the warranty imply any liability for damage arising directly or indirectly from any defect in the goods or delay to remedying any defects.

Specifically the Warranty does not apply to the remedying of defects caused by over-voltage caused by whatever means.

The Buyer is requested to notify the Seller before a returning the Goods. The Seller will open a new RMA request and assign a RMA number.

9. Returns policy

The Buyer has the right to return the goods within 7 days after the delivery.

The Buyer is obliged to

- send the goods back to the Seller (WM OCEAN s.r.o.,Sokolovská 351/25, 186 00 Prague 8, Czech Republic),

- notify the Seller about this return by a phone or by an email ( including information to what account has the Seller refund the money,

- send the goods in the original quality, non-used, without any damage, including original accessories and documentation

The Seller does not accept any delivery with a payment on receipt!

10. These Terms & Conditions are published on WMShop. The Buyers confirms the Terms & Conditions at the final phase of each order.