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LTE Mini PCI Express card

Art.No.: LM-PLS8-E-SM
LTE Mini PCIe with built-in Cinterion PLS8 module and micro SIM holder

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GTT Manufacturer: GTT
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LTE Mini PCI Express card

Mini PCI Express product with built-in Cinterion PLS8-E module and micro SIM holder.

Weight 0.02 kg
Dimension Module - dimensions (in mm) 51.0 (L) × 30.0 (W) × 4.75 mm (H)
Temperature range -30°C to +85°C
Data transmission LTE (4G) Module - specification for LTE data trasmission UE CAT 3, DL 100Mbps, UL 50Mbps, 2x2 MIMO in DL direction
Data transmission W-CMDA (3G) Module - specification for 3G data trasmission UE CAT. 14, 24, DC-HSPA+ – DL 42Mbps, HSUPA – UL 5.76Mbps
Antenna connector U.FL (2x)
Compatible with 4G/LTE Quadband, 800 (Bd20) / 900 (Bd8) / 1800 (Bd3) / 2600MHz (Bd7)
EDGE data Supported data technology by module... Multislot Class 12
GPRS data Supported data technology by module... Multislot Class 12
UICC interface Supported Universal Integrated Circuit Card by module... UICC/SIM/USIM 3V, 1.8V
OS Support Supported operating system by module... Windows®8, Windows®7, Windows EC, Linux, Android
Compatible with 3G/UMTS/W-CDMA Triple band, 900 (BdVIII) / 1800 (BdIII) / 2100MHz (BdI)
Compatible with 2G/GSM Dual band, 900 / 1800MHz
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