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Wireless sensor with receiver - Easyfit BOX 2 set

Art.No.: H5003-C240 Discount Discount
Money saving set of wireless sensor with receiver

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Category: EnOcean
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92,80 € (net)
112,29 € (gross) , plus Shipping
Wireless sensor with receiver - Easyfit BOX 2 set

   Easyfit BOX 2 is an unique set of wireless sensor with receiver based on EnOcean technology. The customer gets compacts packege for a very good price !

   This kit is designed for a simple installation of wireless sensor. Where it is not possible to conduct complicated cables (historic building, poor accessibility, poor installation) is our solution the best one. You will save your time and money for sure.

   Installation is relatively easy and can be done by an amateur electrician for about 15 minutes!

Key Feautures:

- wireless sensor (light control, open windows and door control, etc.)

- battery-less - it will be never discharged!

- easy installation

- big range of coverage (up to 300m)

- ecological operation

- portable


Package contains:

- white wireless receiver EnOcean STM250 with small solar cell

- wireless receiver RCM250

Weight 0.1 kg
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