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Bellboy with external antenna output

Art.No.: zan-gsm-sluha-antena
remote switch GSM relais

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Bellboy with external antenna output

   The BELL-BOY is a simple GSM device for the remote control switch on, switch off and      a restart of the plug in device. The under-the-cover GSM module SIEMENS TC35i provides you an easy wireless remote control by the SMS or by the ringing. The BELL-BOY includes the integrated thermometer, the SIM Card holder, the switch for manual control or reset.

   This variant has the possibility to connect an external antenna trough SMA connector. Other functions are the same like on the standard Bellboy version.

   We recommend you to order this version together with GSM antennas 301 or M5 in our eshop.


Output: Outlet 230 V AC, current max.10 A
Control security by using predefined numbers or by PIN
Up to 10 numbers memory for control by SMS
Up to 10 numbers memory for control by ringing
Possibility of control by temperature
Possibility of setting to permanent switch or reset
Back confirmation of setting by SMS or by ringing
Operating temperature from -20 to +40 °C

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