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Art.No.: majordom
Special GSM application for opening your doors

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Manufacturer: Wmocean
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   MAJORDOM is GSM equipment for remote control for the electric drive of the bars, gates and doors by the mobile phones. Integrated  GSM module SIEMENS TC35i quarantee easy control by ringing the phone (operation free). Confirmation of authority of the MAJORDOM users are proceed by telephone directory saved on the SIM card.

  dimension:  145 x 75 x 30 mm Features:

  • Power supply from distribution net 12V or alternative from main power supply (12V adapter). Also can be used backup battery 12V.
  • 2 inputs for switching  contacts (alarm output, sensors etc.) (5V)
  • when is short circuit at input  preprogrammed SMS is sent to preprogrammed number  (for each input own text SMS as same as number)
  • when is short circuit at input  progressive ringing up 8 preprogrammed numbers (ALARM1 to ALARM8)
  • 2 galvanically separated  (switching contacts 230V/ 5A)
  • 2 switching contact control by ringing only from authorised number (contact closed for preprogrammed  fix time )
  • The size of authorised numbers is limited by SIM card capacity (250). The numbers can be saved under different names
  • Both outputs control by  SMS from numbers authorised in II. level (ALARM). It is possible remotely control closing, disconnection, closing for  1-99 minutes
  • Setting of all parametres  (authorised numbers, unit time, competence etc.) a s same as complete control of the unit  (for example: remote dialling different number from preprogrammed) by SMS from authorised numbers in level III. (ADMIN)
  • Ckecking of credit level. Sending of SMS coming from operator  to preprogrammed number
  • Setting of all parametres via PC through RS 232 port. All parametres can be programmed directly on SIM by mobile phone or remotely by SMS.
  • Systém interface for optional devices which will be progressively developed:
    • evidence of numbers which close contact includes time
    • ocontrol and setting parametres via LAN
    • connection of more relays outputs control by SMS
    • board with more inputs
    • voice modul
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