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Huawei MU509-B LGA Dev Kit

Art.No.: mu509-b-devkit
Huawei MU509-B Development Kit (DVK) with UART

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Manufacturer: Huawei
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176,23 € (net)
213,24 € (gross) , plus Shipping
Huawei MU509-B LGA Dev Kit
   The DVK provides a complete solution based on the data and audio functions of the MU509 module.   For designers who adopt the module in their design, the DVK facilitates their module-based programming and troubleshooting at the project development stage.

   The MU509 HSDPA LGA module is welded onto the interface board in a manner that is similar to the surface mounting of chips. The signals output from the module are transferred to the development board for secondary development.
MU509-B included
RS-232 (UART)
Mini USB Port
SIM Interface
Audio Interface
Antenna connector
Development Board
5 V output AC-DC power supply
External antenna
Radio frequency (RF) cable (for connecting RF testing instruments)
RS-232 serial cable
USB cable
2-pin jumper


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