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EnOcean motor switch / receiver 4 channels 6A

Art.No.: REGJ24/02
4 channels switch for small motors controling, for example by electric slats, product code: 4302000

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Manufacturer: Omnio
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185,34 € (net)
224,26 € (gross) , plus Shipping
EnOcean motor switch / receiver 4 channels 6A

   The Ratio®-blinds actuator 4-fold REGS24/01 is a device for distributor mounting. By means of Ratio® radio transmitters (Piezo- and solar radio transmittors), four different and independent electric actuations can be switched. Up to 30 different senders (wall mounted sender, windows contact, temperature sensor, motion detector, industrial transmitter) can be programmed. 

   The Ratio®-switch actuator REGJ24/01 can be linked by a cable 1x2x0.75mm2, the ASBBus, with up to 7 other REG switch actuators. 
According to parameterization, the outlet is assigned different functions such as e.g. key 
sequences or switch-off delays, which means that the Ratio®-switch actuator REGJ24/01 
consists of the device itself (hardware) and the application program (software). By means of a 
separate software program the optional functions can be parameterized.
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