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GWR352 - 3G router

Art.No.: GWR352-geneko Sell-off Sell-off

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GWR352 - 3G router
   GWR352 is robust, high performance 3G router designed to meet the requirements of large number of machine-to-machine applications. Thanks to high speed 3G module integrated in GWR352, all limitations in terms of possible applications are eliminated. No matter if GWR352 is used for providing a primary connection (ATMs, POSs, Sensors, IP cameras...) or backup solutions (remote offices, shops, petrol stations...), this product will demonstrate highest level of stability and reliability.
Key benefits:
-Robust system for mission critical applications
-Complete set of advanced features
-User friendly web based configuration interface
-Top rated CLI for IT professionals
-Dedicated Remote Management and Monitoring System
-Dual SIM router
-Multiple failover options
-Advanced system log for performance monitoring
-Cost effective solution
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